Life Happens - Recalculate Your Course

If you are navigating mid-life, do you see challenge or opportunity?

The short answer to that question is BOTH - you have a CHOICE!  


Whether your life journey so far has been smooth sailing or a bit of a bumpy road, mid-life, especially for women, presents new opportunities regardless of how you “got there”.  We find ourselves on an island, in a sea of people who have lifted us up, caught us when we fell, or maybe left us out in the cold when maybe we needed them most. We have likely had at least one career, at least one marriage or serious relationship, maybe have had children who left the nest or soon will, battled one or more scary health “events” (maybe still are), and still we get up each day and live on. 

But, are we really living?  We sacrifice for our families, careers, friends, and even strangers, but we often forget about ourselves. We lose sight of who we are, don’t recognize who we once were, and stop dreaming about who we can really be. 

What is your life purpose? Do you know what it is? Are you living your most authentic life? If any of this sounds like you, you are not alone.  I understand because I, too, am a mid-life female who has had to take a few “time outs” in life for myself and not always because I planned it that way. 

When your life journey takes you down a path that Is not the one you imagined, you have the power within to choose a new path. With a guide who understands, and by practicing BEING PRESENT, DREAMING BIG, and DOING WHAT FEEDS YOUR SOUL, together we can create a foundation to make the journey you imagine a reality!


Let Me Be Your Guide


BE present

DO what feeds your soul

BE present

Wellness Advocate

Reset Mind, Body & Spirit to Create Balance

Take time to focus your mind in the present, nurture and heal your body, set a new path in your life journey.



DO what feeds your soul

BE present

Life Coach 

Tap Into Your Power to Attain Desired Goals

By being present and setting actionable goals, you can live a fulfilled life according to your true purpose.


DO what feeds your soul

DO what feeds your soul

DO what feeds your soul

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Your Journey is Intentional - Make It YOURS

Discover  your dreams and purpose "on the road".  Connect with others on a journey of living life beautifully.